vision : Provide public housing at bargain prices

I.   House With Cheap Prices

Rough calculation to review the Housing Investment Projects:
BEP = 10Y
BEP: Break Even Point
10 Y: koefesien Basic * All costs incurred EVERY 10 Hectares
Which included 10 Y:
1. Cost Manufacture PT
2. Price and Purchase of Land
3. The cost of land and asphalting Hilling And Paving
4. COST Business Licensing
5. The price of Building Materials
6. FEES * All FACILITY And Infrastructure
7. * All COST The result brought investment
KDB 60%
Company plans to have the entire ground Covering Period 100,000 M2.

Total land used to review the means and infrastructure covering 40,000 M2, the rest Covering an area of ​​60,000 M2

This investment Which will be divided Being 320 Unit which consists From
32 Unit type 70 Crown,
48 Unit Type 56+ Luxury,
28 Unit Type 56+ Flamboyan,
12 Unit type 45 + Gold,
And 200 Units of type 36 Edelweis.
We find rough calculation formula Analysis
BEP (Break Even Point) = 550.000 Y 

That is IF Company Buying land Not Yet administered at a price per meter Rp 550.000 Then will suffer a Break Even Point or we call turnover.
Suppose the company got land purchase price of Rp. 200.000,- rupiah  per meter so that we generate profit assumptions:
60,000 x  Rp 350,000 = Rp 21 billion, - rupiah

Ideal Investment Investment is required to review the Housing Covering an area of ​​100 hectares Rp. 70 billion rupiah
* All the above calculation uses the assumption that the rupiah currency


Best Investment in Indonesia

II.   Real Estate Business with  Luxury Houses

Profit about 50% of Investment Capital Rp. 500 Miliar Rupiah

All the above calculation uses the assumption that the rupiah currency