We help foreign investors in order to establish PMA. we can help foreign company that will be expansion to indonesia such as: service  industry , goods industry, manufactur industry, financial and banking, agriculture, real estate ,financial industry and industry company.

We can  help starting from zero  such as buying land , setting buildings, business licenses etc.


Site Selection Business / Industry is crucial for many things:

Company Location: a place where the company was doing any physical activity. Where a company could be different from the location of the company, since the position of the company is the headquarters of the company's physical activity. Examples of locations where the company is a factory producing goods.

Types of Company Location Location Location government enterprise set of companies that follow the historical location of companies that follow the natural conditions Location Companies that follow economic factors.

The choice of location company based Employment and location of the company will determine the location of a company their jobs in an area. The choice of location right company can provide jobs in accordance with the existing resources in the vicinity of both natural resources and human resources.

Determining the location of the company to obtain the location of the plant / enterprise ideal take several steps that must be done, are as follows. - Determine to what area (territorial) Specifies the communities to be studied in detail - Choosing the best location.

The main factors of site selection company -Location - raw materials intended market - Electricity and water - labor - transportation facilities -Insentif of government - Means of waste disposal
The main factors of site selection company is not law and regulatory climate and soil conditions Attitudes local community. All regulations follow the laws of Indonesia and Bank Indonesia.