1.       WE SELL LAND THAT HAS NOT MAINTAINED, comprehensive 10 Ha.

          10 Hectare's = 25 Acre's = 100,000 m2 (1 acre = 0.4047 hectares).

          Price US$ 700,000 Investment in Java, Indonesia.

2.       Yes my land price just US$ 700,000  and you get 25 Acre's land.

3.       WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COST ANYMORE, I will take 500 goats for breeding,

          species “Boerka”,

Best Investment,  Boerka images such as below:

  Each year we will have a gross profit of approximately 50%.

   Operasional Cost : 10%

  I will give you a net gain of 40% divided by 2.

  So I'll give you about 20% per year of the purchase price of land.


Is the net benefit is always I give 20% every year to you? No,

because the calculations are based on average investment goat farming,

  so the result is that I gave to you could be less or more than 20%.


We will give you about 20% per year starting in the 2nd and so on.

We hope our cooperation can last up to 20 years into the future.


Conclusion Advantages result of your land purchase 20% per year.

  20 years later if you sell your land you could get  more

than 20 times of the price you buy at this time.

About 20 x US$ 700,000 = $ US 1,400.000,


4.    You can sell your land that you have been buying to other

people anytime you want.

And the result of breeding goat divided two for you and me.


Best Investment in Indonesia