Best Investing in Indonesia, Climate and land in indonesia very fertile provide agricultural products in indonesia supply needs the world's largest.

We should be proud appeared that some agricultural and plantation products Indonesia very global. Amid the current overflow of imports of consumer goods from overseas, agriculture and plantation.

commodities is still a commodity in the international area. This time we review a little about agriculture and plantation commodities 5 Indonesia worldwide.

We provide a variety of investment options for foreign investors

with a wide ranging 10 Hektars, 100 Hektars, 1000 Hektars

at  agribusiness field placement as follows:

1 Palm Oil

Indonesia is a large crude palm oil producer in the world. In 2011 Indonesia dominate the world market of crude palm oil by 47% to surpass Malaysia in place to second with 39%. Exports of palm oil to contribute country's foreign exchange amounted to USD 14 billion in 2010 and is expected to continue to increase significantly year.

2. Spices
Since time immemorial, Indonesia is famous for spices. spice plants that flourish in Indonesia to attract other countries to colonize. It is inevitable that in the past many foreign nations wealthy as a result of spices from Indonesia, which has a very high value. Until now, Indonesia is a major exporter of spices in the world, including the nutmeg (First in the world), cinnamon (First in the world) cloves (First in the world) and pepper ( Second in the world)

3. Cocoa

Indonesia is the producer of cocoa No. 3 in the world after Ivory Coast and Ghana. Production continued to grow on average 3.5% per year, in 2016 the government was committed to defeating the two countries for the first rank as the world's largest cocoa producer. In 2010 the Indonesian cocoa production reached 574 thousand tons, accounted for 16% of world cocoa production, while the Ivory Coast in the first place with 1.6 million tons, accounted for 44%.

4. Rubber
Indonesia ranks second after Thailand as a supplier of crude rubber. There is mention Indonesia as gum Arabic world. Despite losing in the number and productivity of rubber plantations, but the Indonesian rubber touted as a quality win than rubber from Thailand. In 2011, rubber production in Indonesia reached 2.8 million tons.

5. Coffee
Indonesia currently  third ranks as a world coffee producer under Brazil and Colombia. Indonesia's coffee production per year on average about 600 thousand tons. Of this figure Indonesia can supply 7% of the world's coffee.