Indonesian Economy Now Translucent Ranking 10 Biggest in the World.

2017-01-03 9:46

The official release issued by the World Bank last week showed Indonesia's economic strength has now been on 10 world ranking, beating the economic size of Canada, South Korea and Australia.

In 2030, the Indonesian economy is predicted to be the largest economic power in the world's No. 5. Indonesian Economy will slowly become the world's giant strength, heaved a spectacular revival of Asia along with China and India the country.

br />Then, so what after the size of the Indonesian economy transformed into a giant world? What should we all do to pick up this fact?
Released by the World Bank, which put Indonesia as the powers 10 of the world, is based on the method of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).
Purchasing power parity method is considered more fair as a method of economic comparisons between countries, because look at aspects of differences in the prices of goods in each country.

br />During this time the country economic comparisons based only on dollars alone; and this is not so fitting because the cost of living in each country are very different.

br />Purchasing power parity method to enter the dimensions of cost of living differences between countries. For example, Rp 15 million of income in the city is probably comparable to the revenue of Rp 40 million in New York (because the prices of goods and cost of living in New York is much more expensive). That is, the income of 15 million / month a person can live a lifestyle that is relatively SAME with his counterpart in New York that is earning 40 million / month.

br />By looking at the difference in price of goods between countries, then the purchasing power parity to be more accurate in measuring the size and economic strength of nations.
Well, based on Purchasing Power Parity method, the size and strength of the Indonesian economy is penetrating 10 of the world.
With the method of PPP (purchasing power parity), economic growth in Indonesia over the past five years is also the world's third highest; a spectacular achievement.

The spectacular economic growth that could explain why Baba Rafi Kebab turnover exceeded USD 90 billion this year (we know, this business was founded by Hendy Setiono, young people drop out of ITS as young as 30 years).

The spectacular economic growth that could explain why online fashion store turnover exceeded USD 100 billion just in the age of 4 years of establishment (business's online fashion store was founded by Jason Lamuda, Jakarta children who were aged 29 years).


br />And finally, strong>Investment in Indonesia and the economic growth is astonishing that could also explain why the turnover manufacturer Muslim clothing Up2date exceed Rp 400 billion this year (the business founded by Irna Mutiara, a housewife young, and stems only from home-based businesses. Soared and burst due harness the power of design creativity and here it is, the explosion of Muslim fashion industry in the country in the last 5 years).


br />Many people are just stunned and "deceived" by the news of corruption almost every day; and then they can only condemn and curse. But we know, only condemn and comment negatively on corruption will NOT change your fate.


br />Some people, like the example above, opt for better light a candle business and entrepreneurship, than curse the circumstances. Instead of spending the time to see the news on television rubbish, they chose to move to build a business that is profitable.


br />And young people who are struggling to build a business that believes that Indonesia's economic growth will skyrocket. So rather than just a spectator, and could only condemn the circumstances (including condemning corruption that are often a waste of energy); they chose to move.


br />strong>Investment in Indonesia, They move to build a business, creating thousands of jobs, and quietly become a hero in real economy move the nation's economy.
The good news, the number of young people who move to build business success it may be more and more jumlahlnya. For as research from Capgemini, the number of millionaire growth in Indonesia is among the highest in Asia (in line with Indonesia's economic growth is astounding).
Who is the new millionaire? Yes young entrepreneur figure as above it: Hendi Setiono (founder Kebab Baba Rafi), Jason Lamuda (Berrybenka) and Irna Mutiara (up2date). And we know they are all still under 35 years old.


br />The question, then so what? Will you choose to simply be passive spectators of a wave of economic revival Indonesia will become the new giant of the world? Who just simply can cursing and condemning corruption news (but FATE-mu did not change)?


br />Or choose a pioneer and build a business that is profitable, so that one day you will be the next Jason Lamuda or the Next Irna Mutiara?
The choice is yours. Only history will be a witness, such as whether your figure is currently the country into 2025.  



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