Indonesia became the world's new economic power

2017-01-03 9:55

JAKARTA. Four countries-called  will become a new
force of the world economy. They are Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey, or
abbreviated to MINT.
This was conveyed by Minister of Finance Basri, after
receiving Jim O'Neill, senior economist at Goldman Sachs, some time ago.
Aussie still has the potential to weaken.
"He asked about Indonesia. So seen from recent
developments is the term BRICS he was not completely irrelevant now,
"Chibi said after inaugurating the Echelon II, Ministry of Finance, in
Jakarta, Tuesday (01/01/2017)
For your information, BRICS consists of Brazil, Russia,
India, China, and South Africa (South Africa), formerly referred to also by Jim
as the new countries of world economic power. Now, Jim added MINT entered into
the list of the new state of world economic power.
Chatib said, according to Jim similarities among the four
countries MINT is the driving factor economic power that is a huge market, coupled
with high economic growth.
 Investment in Indonesia"The challenge, time interview with Jim, he asked and she continued concern, and I think that makes sense is the
infrastructure," said the former head of the BKPM.