INDONESIAN is very important for THE WORLD

2017-06-25 8:38

INDONESIAN  is very important for THE WORLD for INVESTMENT

The United States should focus on enhancing cooperation with Brazil, India, Indonesia and Turkey, four global swing states deemed important for the West to maintain its dominance in the world.

The newly released report by two renowned American think tanks says that with the world order now marked by the rise of China, the financial troubles of the western country, as well as the unresolved crisis in North Korea and Iran's nuclear program, will make the four nations, if given Incentives will play an important role in maintaining and renewing the strength of existing international institutions.
Türkischer Erdölhafen

The oil transit port in Turkey is an important axis of energy supply to the world.

"The United States should ... seize the opportunity to expand the base of the international order of its supporting countries including Brazil, India, Indonesia and Turkey," said Daniel Kliman of the German Marshall Fund (GMF) and Richard Fontaine, President of the Center for a New American Security CNAS), a policy review organization that has had a major influence in the administration of President Barack Obama.

Global Responsibility

"These four countries each have a large and growing economy, have a strategic position in their region and are committed to the institutionalization of democracy. And importantly, each of these countries has a special role in the world, "the report said.

Cooperation with global swing states or countries that can determine the direction of world political and economic movement is considered important because the four countries have a more fluid and open approach in the world order than China and Russia.
Brazil Staatspräsidentin Dilma Rousseff

Brazil plays a key political role in Latin America and the world.

"In addition, the choices they take (Brazil India, Indonesia and Turkey-ed) to take on global responsibility, will be a free ride for established strength efforts or it can also make it difficult to solve key world problems together, Strongly influencing the current international order.

BEST INVESTMENT, The new report comes amid a long debate sparked largely by the financial crisis of 2008 as well as the ensuing Euro crisis has spread the perception - or the fact - that the west including America, is now relatively decreasing compared to other countries in the world, Especially China and other emerging powers.

How Washington should react to this perception or reality - in particular by maintaining the structure of international institutions that have served the west well - has been the subject of a flood of books and reports, not to mention endless discussions among institutions of study on the future of international politics and INVESTMENT.

Bid of Different Approach

Some, such as neo-conservative thinker Robert Kagan, argue that Washington and its Western allies can and must maintain their dominance to maintain world order.

While realist thinkers such as Charles Kupchan of Georgetown University argue that such a move would precipitate the decline of the West, and therefore Washington must adapt to the emergence of new forces that are not necessarily willing to accept western values of freedom.

Kupchan, who is a researcher at the Council on Foreign Relations, praised the report as "a useful contribution to the growing debate on how America should prepare for the changing world," in particular with the recognition that "developing countries have interests and goals Different, and therefore we (Americans) need to involve them in their own way. "

Another aspect beside Investment, he said, is not only by emphasizing the importance of providing them (global swing states-red) more representation in the institutions of the world, but also how "they can better share global responsibility by maintaining peace or contributing to the world . "

At the same time, he said that "the implicit assumption of the report is that: because these countries have democratic institutions they will of course be marching behind us, now being questioned .... I think the big powers, both democratic and non-democratic, seem to be trying to change the system in ways that benefit their own interests "according to Kupchan.

However, the international liberal school led by John Ikenberry argues that the western-created world order, as represented by the UN Security Council, the Bretton Woods institution and a number of western allies.