BEST INVESTMENT Business Prospects and development of supermarkets in major cities such as Surabaya has been very tight, while competition in the town of the district / level II on the island of Java is still very open.

Seeing a business investment  opportunity and market share that is still widespread in the region, we propose an idea to anyone to do business or investment in supermarket with various advantages not shared by supermarkets over the years.

The current plan we named supermarket :


Function  supermarket investment :
1. As the shopping center's
2. Pujasera
3. As a business information center
4. Free Wifi
5. Place of Entertainment for children
6. Turn on the regional economy
7. Etc.

The estimated costs investment necessary:
1. Purchase of land covering an area of ​​3 hectares Rp, 50 Billion Rupiah (about US $ 3,703,703)
2. Construction of 10,000 m2 + Supermarket infrastructure and supporting equipment just as paving roads, parking lots, ATMs and other food court and another Rp. 40 Billion Rupiah (about US $ 2,962,962)

TOTAL COST OF THE INVESTMENT SUPERMARKET Rp. 90 Billion Rupiah (about US $ 6,666,666)

Break Even Point 10 years + you get increase of land investment 10 times