1.       WE SELL LAND THAT HAS NOT MAINTAINED, comprehensive 20 Ha.

          20 Hectare's = 50 Acre's = 200,000 m2 (1 acre = 0.4047 hectares).

          Price US$ 1.000,000 in Java, Indonesia.


2.       Yes my land price just US$ 1.000,000  and you get 50 Acre's land is

          so It's Best Investment.


3.       In order to gain a huge advantage, we recommend that your land

          (after you buy) could be managed becoming teak plantations pearls.


4.       Why teak Pearl?

          Teak pearls can generate a huge advantage compared to other plants.


5.       With pleasure, we can help If buyers want to manage the land

          for teak plantations pearls.


6.       WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COST (Zero Cost), If you want , I will help you to

         manage your land on lifetime ( no limited time).

         So you can get very large benefits, can be several times much higher

         when compared to the current purchase price when you buy.


7.       Plant teak pearls can be harvested / cut down after 20 years later.

         After that, every 15 years once times we can harvest the teak wood.


8.       When you buy my land, I  can help manage it  with teak pearl plantations.

9.      Calculation of the estimated increase in the value of your land 

          that you earn  after 20 years later is as follows Best Investment:

              A.  Total NPV (Net Present Value)

          NPV harvest teak Rp. 56 Billion Rupiah          (US$ 3.700.000)

          NPV rising land prices Rp. 80 Billion Rupiah  (US$ 5.300.000)

          Estimates Total NPV Rp. 136 Billion Rupiah   (US$ 9.000.000)

              It means your money US$ 1.000,000  ≈ US$ 14,300,000

for today (NPV)

          B . Interest Rate of Return (IRR) of about 60% per year

          (compare bank interest is only about 2% per year)


          C.  Profitability Index (PI) 1 : 11


Land investment that you buy at above certainly very favorable

if compared to other businesses.


10.     You can sell the land that you have been buying to other people

          anytime you want.

Picture:  solomon teak trees aged 20 years is growing very fast


Teak for valuable household items are very expensive

Best Investment in Indonesia